Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions you may also have.
  1. How much does it cost to work with a real estate agent?

    Agent commissions are typically paid by the seller of a listing. Commissions may vary, but the industry standard is a 6% commission, which is then split between the Listing Agent and Selling Agent equally.

    As a buyer, there may be a small transaction fee to work with an agent, but generally there is little to no cost, since your agent will be paid a commission by the seller.

    The Listing Agreement between the seller and the Listing Agent will outline the terms of the agents commissions.

  2. Why are some of the listing photos blurry?

    As you may well know, most real estate websites have fairly small photos. In creating a modern design, we've allocated a much larger space to highlight the listing images. When agents upload higher resolution images to the MLS, those images will be available for you to view here.